My Child's Life Matters

704 N. Addison Rd Villa Park, IL 60181


My Child's Life Matters is a non-profit resale shop that is now open for business and accepting donations! All proceeds will go towards helping those who have fallen into the epidemic that is drug addiction. We hope that you would bless us with your donations! 


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704 N Addison Rd Villa Park, IL 60181
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If you choose to donate through us your donation will be tax deductable. We encourage you to donate through us because you will be able to see the impact your donation can have on the community. 
My Child's Life Matters: Our Goal
Our long-term goal is to have a store to be able to take struggling kids off the street and help guide them to recovery. We hope that these people struggling will work in our store and that we can help them break free of their addiction in the process. Through the store, we hope to help finance and be able to help these people struggling and in need so that not another child dies because of their addiction. We believe that through the 12 step Christ based recovery program we can save every child from this epidemic.  ​​
My Child's Life Matters is a Not-For-Profit community outreach founded in memory of my son, John M. Allen and anyone's child who's life has been lost as a result of drug overdose or any other substance related death. We believe all lives matter, even those which society has deemed lost or beyond hope.
Proceeds will be set aside from store profits to be put towards medical detox for those struggling with heroin or other opiate withdrawl. Having this detox can be the difference between life and death. 
My Child's Life Matters is a faith-based ministry organized to stop the heroin epidemic that is destroying the lives of people across the country. We hope that in our efforts we can help combat the struggles of addiction and bring hope to the families that have been so negatively affected by heroin or other drug addictions.