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Welcome to My Child's Life Matters. A 501(c)3 charity confronting the opiate epidemic in as many communities as we can reach.

We operate a non-profit resale shop and a 12-step recovery program that is now open for business and accepting donations! All proceeds will go towards helping those who have fallen into the epidemic that is drug addiction. Help us save our community.

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Who We Are

 My Child's life Matter's is an Illinois based, Not-For Profit Ministry founded in response to the tragic loss we have experienced when Kathy's son, John M. Allen, died at the age of 22, 4 days before his 23rd birthday, from a lethal overdose of fentanyl that included heroin and cocaine. We buried John on his 23rd birthday still reeling from the shock of what was happening. As I write this now, it still doesn't feel real but more like a nightmare which does not end. As painful as this is, we are not in the market for pitty. We are here to try and create hope for those who feel like they have none. Whether you can relate to our loss, or you are the one gripped by the bondage of addiction, we are prayerfully attempting to create a safe place for you to share your experiences or ask questions from a non-judgemental community. We are in the very early stages of conception and have many thoughts and ideas about how to confront this deadly epidemic. We have decided to dedicate the rest of our lives to combating addiction and giving a voice to the families who are affected by it's brutal wake. The pain and destruction that result from the actions of an active drug user are impossible to understand by those who have not experienced it first hand. We are here, if for no other reason, to tell you that you are not alone.

We hope that many conversations will begin on our blog bringing diversity and discussions related to all sides of this complex issue. We hope to address the deep issues that lead many to drug use and there are many. We will try to lay out different approaches to recovery and examine the pros and cons of them all. Any conversation is welcome with the only rule being respect for everyone. This simply means that even if you disagree with an opinion, there will be zero tolerance for name calling, bigotry, or foul language. No bullying!

We also hope to provide a safe space for people to discuss the issues related to being close to someone who is struggling. Parents, siblings, friends, spouses, etc. We know from experience that this is a deep and wide subject reaching into the very depths of peoples hearts and souls. The same rules apply to these discussions as the fore mentioned. At the same time, we hope you will give each other the respect you would give to your own mother or wife. We are not in the position to offer proffesional advice and cannot be responsible for what an individual may sujest or say. Our main hope is to create an environment where people can share honestly and get honest responses. Remember that we are a Christ centered ministry and any advice or suggestions given by us will come from this perspective unapologetically.

   As I said before, we have many thoughts about ways to confront addiction and as we start different programs we will update the site and make ourselves available to the community. Right now we are focusing our efforts on opening a resale store in West Chicago, Il. to fund our ministry. We will be Not-For-Profit and will use all of our sales beyond the cost of operations to fund community outreach. From day one 10% of our earnings will be put into a seperate fund to build scholarship accounts to provide medical detox for the uninsured addict in need of this service. We believe that lack of this opportunity is a major obstacle to lasting recovery, especially for those addicted to opiates. We have asked one of the directors of Wayside Cross Ministries in Aurora, Il. if we could then try to create a bridge from detox to long term treatment through thier facility which offers a 6 month Christ centered program free of charge. That is the extent of our progress as we are in the initial phase of construction to get our store open. We will update this as we make progress.

   We are also beginning the process of networking with like minded individuals to com up with a plan to reach out to the community. We are not opposed to programs such as AA or NA, however, we believe that without God in the center of recovery, there can be no real change. We have seen many, many people attempt to go this road alone only to end up a statistic. It is hard enough with Christs help, it is impossible without so we are beginning to make this truth available through a Christ Centered 12 step Program which is being put together as we speak. We do not intend to reinvent the wheel here, only to get it rolling.